Terms of Cooperation

Using the services of our real estate Agency you are GUARANTEED to purchase real estate in Greece professionally, quickly, and which is most important, safely and comfortably.


1. Based on your original specified enquiry we using electronic correspondence and telephone conversations give you preliminary information and you make a decision about the basic parameters of the object category search (subject to subsequent adjustmentsfor examplefrom the townhouse to the apartment or vice versa), its location (near the sea or overlooking the sea) and the indicative price.

2. And only after you decide what, where and for how much you will acquire we are signing an agreement on specific search and terms and conditions of our deal support.

Besideswe make the list of documents required for registration of the property. All the documents will have to be brought by you.

By the way it should be noted that giving the task of searching to several agencies in Greece does not make sense because here as well as in the city of Moscow there is the universal base of properties for sale whereall objects for sale are recorded and all registered relators have got an access to it.

3. Then you select one or more of these options (within the stipulated time) and arrive in Greece at a convenient time for you to make the final choice on the spot.

4. After inspecting the property you make your final choice and we start the final negotiations with the owner of the estate or his legal representative.

Of course during the negotiations you must be sure that we are trading, keeping the interests OF SOLELYYOUR SIDE and negotiating the final price, form of payment, terms and conditions of the signing of the sales contract.

Quite often there is a preliminary agreement that reflects all of the above mentioned conditions. Usually, a preliminary agreement is made to "secure" the object for a potential buyer based on fixed conditions for a certain period of time (a month or two).

5. After that you make an advance part payment of the deal directly to the seller. The amount is usually 10% of the purchase price. This is fixed in the preliminary contract (which is an absolutely legal document).

6. Then we obtain your Greek TIN (your personal presence is required). Your lawyer makes a thorough due diligence of the real estate for the "purity" i.e. the lack of mortgages, liens, seizures, etc.

7. Signing of the final purchase and sale agreement (deed of conveyance) occurs on the appointed day and at the appointed time in the office of your notary , your presence is obligatory.

8. All final registration procedures in the mortgage, in the state cadastral office and the tax office are in charge of your lawyer and notary and will be done in the nearest future. All the documents and receipts when completed will be provided to you.

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