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As a rule the main difficulties in acquiring real estate abroad are absence of knowledge of the language, of psychology of the real estate market and the laws of the countryand all these factors may lead to serious problems no matter what country you are in. It is no secret that about half of real estate transactions abroad are "stumbling blocks".

Therefore experienced buyers use services of consultants and lawyers in Greece for purchase and registration of real estate in Greece.

Wide experience of our Agency at the real estate market of Greece, deep knowledge of the laws of the country and the mentality of its citizens, verification processes and construction of real estate business in Greece, profound knowledge of building regulations and standards - all these give us the opportunity to guarantee you the right selection, good price, legal clarity and due deal, as well as getting residence permit in Greece for you and all your family.

Andrecommendation of our customers speak for themselves:

"Competence of thestaffsaved us much of our time. The Agency has avery large and very interestingportfolio. The team experts managed to save us from unnecessary costs, achieving the best conditions for us, both in price and form of payment. The procedure of obtaining residence permits and cooperation with all the necessary agencies runs like clockwork. To put it in one word, everyone here does HIS OWN JOB. "


The agency is licensed.

All our agents are certified and are members of the Association of Realtors of Athens.

We speak Russian, English, French and, of course, Greek.

Analyzing all the latest deals at the Greek real estate market, its trends and the slightest changes we will give you not only proper objects to choose from according to your order but we also will provide you with full information about ur objects or the objects you have found and their owners. The result of all commitments of our Agency will be your purchase of secure, legally clean and safe, profitable real estate in Greece.


- Analyst and investment consulting.

- Financial advice and qualified legal advice.

- Selection and sale of residential real estate (apartments, townhouses, mansions).

- Rent of villas and apartments.

- Selection and sale of commercial real estate –profitable houses, hotels and restaurants.

- Acquisition of real estate from auctions - MAX BEST BUY.

- Bank loans and mortgage loans.

- Turnkey Construction. “Green” & “Smart” Houses.

*Favorite Homeis a longtime partner of several well-known companies in Greece successfully promoting joint projects in the field of innovative technologies and construction.

In light of adoption of the Law on Residence Permit in Greece (and EU) for citizens of the third world countries (non-EU) provided the acquisition of property in Greece is worth more than 250 000, Favorite Home offers a specially created Portfolio of HOUSING objectswhich were selected taking into consideration above mentioned instructions as well as all components of "the Most Investment-Attractive Object" criteria, namely:

We offerreal estate located in the attractive investment areas or potentially attractive areas. As a rulethese areas are coastal residential and resort areas that have sufficient infrastructure for a comfortable life historically having a certain status areas of Athens, Attica, Peloponnese and popular part of the islands (Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Mykonos, etc.).

We choose financially attractive objects; primary and secondary housingsare offered today by our partners - large developers and construction companiesas well as owners at the minimum prices which will represent a huge potential for buyers for the next 3-7 years.

We guarantee the quality of construction, materials used and technologiesapplied at the objects we propose, all objects are checked in advance technically and statistically by the architect and engineer of our Agency.

We check in advance legal reliability of real estate objects, absence of debts, liens, mortgages, if they are not subject to confiscationand other legal costs. We are for trade without surprises!

During the whole deal process you will be accompanied by an experienced real estate consultative agent (specialists in territorial areas), a lawyer and a notary of famous Greek offices, an engineer, an architect and an interpreter.

Services provided to the buyer are paid by the buyer of the real estate in the amount adopted by Greek legislation which is 2 % of the market value of the property. All consultationsare free of charge. Expert evaluation of the object and other services are the subject of agreement.


There are lots of options. There is little time. And there are even less professionals.

We help our clients to make the MOST right choice!

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