Residence Permit in Greece

The new law has solved the problem of unlimited access to housing by foreign holders of foreign real estate in Greece.It gives a guaranteed right to obtain a residence permit in Greece for at least 5 years with the right of endless prolongation both for you and for all members of your family (this right will be valid until you have property in Greece). This category includes citizens of the third world countries (non EU citizens) and their family members who have purchased property in Greece worth more than 250,000 euros.

The basic condition to obtain residence permit in Greece possesses some real estate (housing ownership) and its declaration in the tax office. Real estate means a house or an apartment connected to the main utilities (electricity, water). In practice, it appears to be even easier. You buy some real estate in Greece (apartments, houses, cottages, villas, etc.) or some land whereyou are going to build housingin accordance withyour own design.

The second category - large strategic investors, opening their business in Greece, their family, as well as up to ten executives and specialists of the company or its subsidiary.

How to Obtain Residence Permit in Greece

To obtain a residence permit in Greece is quite simple (compared to other EU countries); it is enough to submit all the necessary documents and in 1 month period maximum you will surely obtain positive decision.The required documents areasfollows:

For registration of the residence permit, the following documents are necessary:

A. Notarized copies with Apostille of the next documents:

  1. An Agreement ofpurchase of property (not less than 250 000);
  2. Birth certificates of all family members;
  3. Marriage certificate;
  4. Certificate of good criminal record of family members who are over 18 years old.

B. Notarized copies of:

  1. International passport (all pages);
  2. Internal passport (all pages);
  3. Tax returns or proof of personal income in the form of personal income tax (№2-НДФЛ)for the period of 2007 – 2012 years.

C. Your autobiography.

What Gives You Residence Permit in Greece and the EU

Residency in Greece - a full member of the European Union - entitles you (the Schengen Agreement) not only to live, but also freely (without a visa) to travel in all EU countries, as well as you are granted with temporary residence in their territory. But there is one condition - you must be a resident of the country that issued the residence permit to you, in this case in Greece. In the other countries, you will be considered a visitor, and it means staying without registering up to three months.

*If you wish to stay there longer, you need to register. This rule does not apply to pupils and students, as well as businessmen who have started operating subsidiary company in this country, while the head company thus must be registered in Greece.

Residence permit and tax number in Greece give you equal rights with citizens of the country (except the right to vote and to be elected in the parliamentary and municipal elections). So you can among other things, open some business and its branches in Greece or any other country in the European Union(not limited to the countries of the euro area) and of course your children are entitled to studyat public schools and universities in Greece free of charge. Schengen Agreement recognizes that the residence permit obtained in one of the EU countries (in Greece) is valid for all countries and your rights are applicable throughout the EU.

Multivisa Schengen

The right to receive an annual multi-entry visa is now available for everyone who buys any residential property fornot less than 250,000 €, as well as for all members of their families. The purchasers are eligible to receive long-term multiple-entry visa (Schengen multivisa) without an invitation, the bill of sale (a contract for the purchase of residential real estate in Greece) is considered to be the invitation.

Having any residential property in Greece and presenting your contract in the Consulate of Greece, you get the Schengen multivisa firstly for the period of six months, and next for a year or more. The term of issue of the multivisa is from 2 till3 days.

Schengen multivisa operates throughout the United Europe, regardless which country issued the visa.

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