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Investors in Greece have always felt confident and their investments have been in complete safety.

To help foreign investors one very important and very effective new tool was designed to simplify and accelerate the process of obtaining the necessary permits and licenses for the opening or expansion of business by strategic foreign investors.

This allows foreign investors not to waste time and money on numerous approvals of related ministries and their services and not to wander along the "corridors of power" studying the peculiarity of the country's bureaucracy.

According to the new law of foreign investments, «Invest in Greece» IS OFFICIALLY AUTHORIZED TO MANAGE the process in coordinating with ministries and agencies in order to help the potential investors as efficiently as possible.

Today Greece is the only country in the European area which has such a distinct advantage. Until now only in the UK strategic investments «Fast Track» was possibleand now it is possible in Greece too.

One of the firstwho used the possibility of «Fast Track» was the famous company «HP» which has moved the discharge port and the warehouses of Amsterdam in the Greek port of Piraeusas well as the largest company in the world dealing with container transportation the Chinese «Cosco». They were followed by the Emir of Qatar with the purchase of the group of islands for further investment, as well as the Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev who has bought the famous island of Skorpios.

Important News for Investors

A law on strategic investments in business and commercial real estate inGreece has been adopted. The minimum amount of investment is 250,000 €.

Foreign investors are entitled to employ foreign workers - their countrymen -up to ten people. The whole family of the investor gets residence permit in Greece (EU) for ten years with the right of its endless prolongation and his staff also receives permission to work in Greece.

- A law on foreign buyers of residential real estate in Greece has been adopted.

Foreign owners of residential property in Greece worth more than 250,000 € receive as well as all members of their family residence permit for a period of five years with the right of endless prolongations.

Those who bought residential property worth less than 250,000 € are eligible to receive long-term multiple-entry visa (Schengen multivisa) without an invitation, the bill of sale (the contract for the purchase of residential real estate in Greece) serves their invitation. The term of the multivisa issue is from 2 till3 days.

- A law on the rights of foreign investors and buyers of residential and commercial real estatehas been adopted. It gives them the right to invite their relatives, friends and acquaintances to Greece on their own responsibility while having purchased or rented residential property in Greece.

- A law on foreign tenants of residential real estate in Greece has been adopted. If the amount of rent exceeds 250,000 € then the whole family of the tenant receives residence permit valid for five years and the right to prolong it.

Investments in Greece Mean Residence Permit in Europe

- According to the new law on foreign investments in Greece, the citizens of the third countries (non-EU)who have invested in the strategic directions of the Greek economyget a ten-year European residence permit in Greece, with the right of its endless prolongations. This right concerns all members of their families.

- Besides they have the right to invite to work to Greece in their businessup to ten of their employees with the right of residence permit and work in Greece.

The minimum capital for such investments is assigned to 300,000 euros.

- The law provides ample opportunities to foreign companies to open branches in Greece, employing their audited employees - countrymen to obtain the leading positions.

The first example of employing their countrymen to obtain the leading positionswas shown by the world's largest container transportation company - the Chinese «Cosco». The company has invested in strategic direction - international container transportation - by buying part of the cargo port of Piraeus and building a huge container yard there.

Later «Cosco» also expects to invest in rail freight transportationboth in Greece and in the Southern and Central European and thus become the largest supplier of Chinese exports to the EU.

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