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The first question that reasonable people advise to ask themselves when buying property (always, no matter if it is the period of crisis or not) is “Why am I doing this?” If a person honestly admits that he is not a financial investment Colossus hoping to earn crazy interest, but he acquires solely for his own "consumption", it oftenturns out that he only wins from the crisis.

It is Time to Buy. Why?

The first reason is obvious: the prices reduced. Someone managed to buy a very expensive and prestigious penthouse in the beachfront resort town or the popular island. The deal discount might reach -60% (!), because the seller, for example, was threatened by the loss of business, and while purchasing the possessions hehad taken a mortgage loan, which he had to pay back somehow...

Usually that kind of objectsis often in charge of a realtor having exclusive right to sell it and he knows how to offer it. Our consultant (accredited broker at the Department of the bank or auction) with a portfolio of investment projects of different categories will help you to make the most convenient choice.

The realities of the crisis are as follows: the conditions for the purchase of objects are ideal and several times greater than the previous expectation of potential and its long-planned purchase of the buyer.

A great opportunity to bargain opens excellent prospects in the elite (previously not particularly accessible) market segment. Effectively working strategy is to select some interesting options, and then make an offer of the price to their owners. This method allows some customers to buy items with unique features at prices 30-40% lower than claimed.

Only rental income must be taken as the basis for calculations.

Professionals recommend while dealing with investing in a residential housing you should generally abstract from the growth in value, if it happens in the future, it will be "a nice bonus" for you. Totalannualincomemustbeatleast 6-7%.

Five indisputable factors say in favor of the benefits of investing to real estate:

1. Real estate property even theoretically cannot depreciate as much as stocks or other investment instruments. It has a negative correlation coefficient as the rise and fall of the real estate market does not almost always coincide with the development and growth of stock markets. Risk of losing money is practically reduced to zero as whenthe marked prices fall the owners usually do not sell objects but rent them out.

2. Real estate propertyis protected by the investment capital much more effectively than by any other tools. Compared to stocks and bonds real estate has relatively low liquidity. This saves investors from the temptation of closing positions fast, which occurs in highly liquid stock market when there is sharp drop of prices.

3. Real estate is the only investment tool in the world which is able to redeem itself. You buy some property having paid when buying 20-30% of its value and receive rental income which is enough to cover the mortgage payments.

4. Foreign real estate provides residence permit in Greece for your entire family. Many homebuyers use this argument as a nice basis for their future business.

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