Where to Buy in Greece –in Athens, on the Coast, on the Islands

Choosing real estate abroad in Greece you invest moneyhoping for their growth. The first and essential step is analysis of the market, without this knowledge loss is almost guaranteed.

The main factor here is the top lists of property prices,there are two of them:

The location of the object (in the following order):

  • elite suburbs of Athens,
  • in Attica,
  • on Peloponnese,
  • in the popular and well-known resort areas on the coast,
  • on the islands, etc.

Property Type (in the following order):

  • villas,
  • cottages in luxury complexes,
  • homes in the coastal areas,
  • apartment with sea views.

The most important price factor here is not so much the distance to the seabut its panoramic view and prestige of the area and sometimes even prestige of the block (residential quarter).

Of course the most prestigious real estate in Greece is mainly in the capital.

A small portion is located on the "aristocratic" islands - Crete (Elounda), Corfu, Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes and Halkidiki. Other areas places as Peloponnese seaside, Mani, Kalamata, Navplion, Delphi, Arachova, Parnassos, Pilion have the greatest demand among foreign investors.

How to Choose Real Estate in Greece

You should also know other components of property prices:

The price of villas, houses, cottages and apartments includesthe cost of the building and the cost of the construction site or its part, as well as the prestige of the area.

The choice of the famous architect, designer, and construction organizations also plays an important role in the value of Greek real estate.

Finally convenience and speed of moving around are taken into consideration tooand here the main factor isthe presence of an international airport within 100-150 km. There are two airports in Greece - in Athens and Thessaloniki.

If this is not possible then we choose places close to the local airports in the same radius receiving international transfers (from Athens or Thessaloniki)all year-round.

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