Necessary Documents for the Buyer

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For the buyer who is a citizen of Russia and CIS:

  • copy of passport;
  • birth certificate;
  • copy of the certificate of issue of VAT in Greece (while obtaining it personal presence in the Tax Office Department is obligatory for foreigners) VAT is issued on the basis of a valid passport and the stamp of legal entry ( visa). This number is assigned to every person who enters relationship with the Ministry of Finance or any other governmental agency. This number identifies the citizen and is necessary for transactions (including the acquisition of real estate). It is given once for the lifetime. (Your representative can arrange everything for you by proxy);
  • Russian tax returns for the last three years;
  • Contract of purchase.

The Agreement between Greece and the Russian Federation, as well as with many CIS countries, about impossibility of double taxation has been valid here for 16 years. In other words a foreigner while he is preparing all the documents is completely exposed to all the lawslike anyother citizen of Greece.

It should be noted that the presence of Apostille on birth certificates and marriage certificates of all family members is required for obtaining subsequent residence permit in Greece.

For registration of real estate any other documents confirming incomesuch as a certificate from the Russian bank about money account a copy of the charter business owner, etc.can be useful. They are optional but desirable if any.

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