Additional Services

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For your quick and comfortable adaptation in Greece, you and your family may need additional services that are not provided within the basic conditions of cooperation.

  • Technical services, including consultation of an engineer, architect and designer, connected with obtaining licenses for the construction or building of some additional objects (e.g. using the addition coefficient on the terrace will allow you to build a pergola or an extra studio room), repair (change of layout or architectural facade), real property or the interior premises.
  • Installation of conditioning system, alarm and CCTV facility.
  • Insurance of real property.
  • Consultations related to the selection and ordering of furniture, lamps, curtains, etc...
  • Landscape design. Gardener – designer service.
  • Accounting services - annual declaration and the annual property taxes record.
  • Search and selection of reliable personnel for your home or business (cleaner, cook, babysitter, gardener).
  • Further management of the facility – leasing, renting etc.

Our Agency provides responsible and competent services required for the management of your household. Cooperating with us you will have full legal and technical assistance and advice for all occasions of our reputable lawyers and experienced consultants.

With us in Greece you will be truly at home!

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